Evidence Based EFT Training for Trauma

This specialised training is delivered face to face over 14 class hours and is for existing professionals trained in EFT wanting to deepen their skills, or for those completing the Premium Accreditation pathway.

Structure of Training

  • There are pre requisites to attend this advanced EFT training – you have either attended EBEFT previously (with any Trainer); you are a certified EFT practitioner with EFT Universe, EFT International (previously known as AAMET), or ACEP. Proof of certification will be required
  • The mode of delivery is face-to-face training
  • This EFT training is intensely practical and you will apply EFT to your own circumstances for maximum learning – be prepared for this

Overview of Training

If you want to help your clients find safety and security in their bodies, unlearn old physical responses to trauma, overcome hyperarousal and hypoarousal, then this specialised EFT Training is for you. It is designed to show you how to use EFT in a deeper, holistic, integrative way, and to work flexibly with the technique with traumatised clients.

In these EBEFT trainings, you will specifically learn:

  • The 2018 clinical practice guideline recommendations for the use of EFT for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (and all the EFT research for trauma)
  • The Neurobiology of trauma and how to work effectively with the limbic system
  • The role of the autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve in the trauma response (Polyvagal Theory)
  • How to use Clinical EFT to deal with trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Epigenetics and trauma: How trauma affects gene expression
  • Why words can’t integrate the disorganized sensations and action patterns that form the core imprint of the trauma
  • How to understand and prevent dissociation and help clients calm their bodies and reengage the thinking brain
  • How to help clients process traumatic memory with EFT and still have a sense of safety and security in their body
  • And much, much more!

You will receive:

  • Research articles and recommended guidelines on the clinical use of EFT with trauma
  • Complete course notes
  • Certificate of Completion

Please note: There are pre requisites  to attend this advanced EFT Training – you have either attended the 3 day EFBEFT Practitioner Training (with any trainer) ; you are a certified EFT practitioner with EFT Universe, EFT International (formerly AAMET). Or ACEP, proof of certification will be required.