Louise Sage

Clinical EFT / Tapping Practitioner

I am a certified Clinical EFT practitioner with many years of training and experience in guiding my clients to find relief from feelings of stress, overwhelm, self-criticism, anxiety, anger and fear.

It is my passion to help my clients find and dissolve limiting beliefs and patterns that keep them stuck and confined in discontent and fear.

Using EFT Tapping, a safe and gentle approach, we identify the people, times and events that created the unrest you feel today.  Together we use many techniques to release the blocks and learned patterns that have brought you to your current situation. As we release and reduce the emotional intensity of these unhelpful events from the past, emotional wellness and a sense of true value and worth return.

EFT has had an amazingly positive affect on my life journey, helping me to overcome years of anxiety, stress, self-criticism and Fear. I bring experience, peace, clarity and my ability to really hear my clients and gently allow them to find and release those core beliefs that no longer serve them well.

“Wellbeing is not just physical .. Emotional Freedom is the beginning of Whole Being Healing”

At Tap into Wellbeing the Focus is on your whole being and the effect that our emotions, worries and stress have on our bodies and our daily interactions.  Anxiety and overwhelm along with stress left un attended, accumulates in your body and your life. Expressing and showing up in many unhelpful ways, sometimes diminishing our ability to feel happiness and eroding away joy and self-confidence.  This creates resentment, unrest, fear and anger perpetuating the cycle of stress and anxiety limiting us in every way.

I use EFT tapping a gentle, safe non-invasive method of reducing stress and anxiety helping to calm overwhelming emotions and reactions. If you are ready to begin a journey of Wellbeing and Tap into this amazing tool contact Louise to see if we can help you achieve some Emotional Freedom.

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