Can you survive the post-Christmas Season blues?

Did you survive the Christmas and New Year’s period only to feel stressed and overwhelmed, disappointed and disillusioned? This time of the year is filled with so much promise, expectation and pressure. Have you set your intentions for the year ahead? Have you worked out a New Year’s Resolution (that you know will lead to a side of guilt)? Did you agree with yourself that this is a new start and you are going to do it different or better this year? You have heard it all before Each day is the beginning of the rest of your life”, “you can choose to start again anytime”, etc.

Just getting through the family get together and the Christmas expectation is enough and then adding the promise of a New Year and a Fresh Start can lead to a whole lot of post-Christmas season pressure. I know that a few weeks in and I am just getting by, nothing has changed and yet I feel a little disappointed that I haven’t made a better start, the to do list is just growing along with some intermittent self-loathing.

But wait there must be a better way, lets take a collective breath and rethink all this pressure through. Stress and overwhelm can lead to anxiety and then a cycle of frustration and eventually anger and fear. Maybe if we take time to reflect that we all do things in our own way and in our own time, we don’t need to live up to expectations of others just you and only you. Do what makes you happy and find ways to bring some humour and laughter into your day. EFT aka tapping is a tool literally at your fingertips that can help you to refocus and let go of some of these stress responses. This makes it easier to get motivated and get on with what is really important to you. Make it part of your daily wellness habits and nourish yourself with selfcare.  It can be a great way to relax and take some pressure off. Find out what is holding you back and keeping you stuck, is there a pattern? EFT is my favourite tool to get me through this period of expectation overwhelm and some impressive procrastination.